Saturday, August 28, 2010

So Today I thought I would just get the motor officially mounted, bolted in etc.

I keep messing with it a couple of mins at a time but I havent had anyone to help me with placement etc so I have just been putting it off.

I figured I could probably mount it if I just got patient so I did.

It took forever rocking the trans and motor moving it up, down, teetering it, pushing it back, and overall shoehorning it into the car.

Finally I got the motor mounts all lined up and in but then came the problem, The trans MOUNT IS NOT THE RIGHT ONE! I am pretty sure that Jason had a 73, and the mounts change between 70-72 and the 73+. So I guess It's time for another call to Mckinney to see if they ll break up a mount kit and sell me the Trans mount alone?

To Give you an idea, Here is as high up as the mount can go with both bolts threaded in maybe two turns?


I know the first thing anyone will say is, "Just drill it out," but the shape of this thing will not permit for a modification.

Here is my next worry, Not sure if the motor should tilt that much? The trans seems level though as does the shifter mount, so maybe it's fine?

It is nice that I could get the hood on though again and it all seals right up!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catch up!

Guess what? I put the Oil Pan on today! And aside from a bolt hole or two, it fit perfect. Not bad for a custom pan made by a guy that doesnt even have the same motor! It was hard because he used a different set of holes than the ones the original pan used. Next question, why would that motor have two sets of OEM oil pan holes? Very strange indeed. Probably because they use that block with a few different cars?

The Motor mounts dont line up to the block though so on one side only three bolts will go in. Pretty strange seeing as Mckinney made the mounts for that specific car! Anyways IT is in just enough for the move, then it will have to come back out, have a bunch of lines replaced, etc etc.

I suppose the most comforting part is that the transmission actual lines up so I wont have to cut it out to have a shifter!

Finally got this pulled so I can get the motor mount replaced. It might look like the hole is close, but it's not close enough to screw in! So I have to have them fix it or send out a new one.

So guess what my wife and I did today?

Yeah she and I got this bad boy back in. Mckinney overnighted me a new mount and told me the old one was the worst built one they have seen in 8 years of making these! I am very proud of how well she did! Aside from a spark plug change on a ae86 this is her first real mechanic work!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hood Finished, Oil Pan on!

Finished the Hood work! Cleared and framed! In fact people like it so much they have started paying me to do theirs!

Ok so for the oil pan. We pulled off the oem pan Saturday, but there was an issue with the transmission pinching the rear of the pan so we pulled the transmission and it came right off. Then we went to put the pan on and the bolt holes didn't line up! I called the guy that made it and he let me know that it was built for a different set of holes you can see in the picture below. I guess this motor has two different patterns. WHY?! So Today I Jacked it up and put that pan on!! Perfect fit, but I couldn't get to the rear bolts, so I will probably pull the trans and put those three bolts in later.

So what's next? I need to get some replacement lines, and throw that other mount on! I love shopping for JDM parts....NOT!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finished the Engine Bay/ Finished the Under Hood!

I decided that I wanted to have a Tanuki theme for under the hood. The teal lettering says "Tanuki" and is the original paint from my first Corolla "the Chola." The Giraffe print reads "Virtue" representing the VirtueZ. Finally the top print is "Zoo," which you will understand later.

As For the engine bay I got it all prepped and sprayed. The paint went on really well so that is a bonus. Everything is ready now so the motor can go in friday! The Paint code is from the R35 GTR. It is the Gunmetal used on them. I purchased the Automotive paint in the form of spray cans at Jones Paint and Glass. They sell the Dupont Auto Paint in spray cans which is very convenient for these projects.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Catch Up Post!

2/9 Cutting Fenders and Mounting Wing!
ok well I just man'd up and started cutting. I was a little apprehensive, but I think it cut out just fine. Also it doesn't have to be perfect as the actual line is formed by the fender flare not the grinder cut. I just used a wheel cutter? I call it a grinding wheel. Anyways, I mounted the wing, cut the front two fenders, and am taking a break while the etching primer dries before I rivet on the flares.

Well I was talking to a friend on my way home today and kinda got excited to do some work on my car. The only issue was getting done before the sun went away. Anyway, I got home and found something horrible, my hood had tipped over onto my passenger fender flare and cracked the flare! I definitely don't think I'm ready for kids as they say this is the daily chaos you deal with.

I suppose it's not horrible, but to me it is. I will probably wait till i finish the car and get the body painted before I replace that fender.

Anyways, after crying for about 10 minutes over the fender it was time to work. I scrubbed, sanded, and primered the engine bay. Now this weekend, or maybe as early as wednesday, I can finally spray the engine bay and get ready for the motor to go in! This is my 3rd engine bay to paint, so I basically taped and went to work! Looks to have applied very evenly so I hope the paint does the same!

I am pretty happy with the result so far. It is nice because with an engine bay most of it isn't even visible, but I am still pretty picky about stuff like this. If the orginal car color wasnt silver, I would pull the fenders and paint in behind them as well, but it is already silver/ metalic so I wont hassle with it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Carbon fiber parts, Pulling the Motor, and Custom Oil Pan!

As we all know, or maybe not? The RB26 Oil pan was made with AWD in mind. It even has the hub for the front axle in the pan. So I needed a pan that would be a rear sump clearing the cross member, while allowing the motor to function correctly. At first I thought of doing an RB20 pan or something along those lines, but I found a guy named Pat on Hybridz and he made me a pan from scratch! Customized to my exact specifications!

Ok so today the work started. Thanks to Micah, we were able to get the motor and trans out in under 2 hours!

Also, for the sake of showing exactly how clean this car is, I posted images of the floor pans, wheel wells, and a few other parts. Rust Free!

All of the body parts came today!!!! Finally! So Saturday I will pull the motor and cut the fenders up so that it will be ready to paint next week.