Saturday, August 28, 2010

So Today I thought I would just get the motor officially mounted, bolted in etc.

I keep messing with it a couple of mins at a time but I havent had anyone to help me with placement etc so I have just been putting it off.

I figured I could probably mount it if I just got patient so I did.

It took forever rocking the trans and motor moving it up, down, teetering it, pushing it back, and overall shoehorning it into the car.

Finally I got the motor mounts all lined up and in but then came the problem, The trans MOUNT IS NOT THE RIGHT ONE! I am pretty sure that Jason had a 73, and the mounts change between 70-72 and the 73+. So I guess It's time for another call to Mckinney to see if they ll break up a mount kit and sell me the Trans mount alone?

To Give you an idea, Here is as high up as the mount can go with both bolts threaded in maybe two turns?


I know the first thing anyone will say is, "Just drill it out," but the shape of this thing will not permit for a modification.

Here is my next worry, Not sure if the motor should tilt that much? The trans seems level though as does the shifter mount, so maybe it's fine?

It is nice that I could get the hood on though again and it all seals right up!


  1. liking your build man, I think that tilt looks of, seems to be pretty normal from the swaps I have seen.

  2. Thanks, yeah the more I have looked I have found the same. Sorry i didnt comment earlier, I don't receive notifications when i receive comments.

  3. Hello. I want to buy your nice 240z.

    I saw it in the web page, but there was no method to contact to you.

    please call me ASAP


  4. Nice build! Really like the painting on (under) the hood!

  5. i saw someone asking to buy your build, you didn't sell it did you>!? ... too bad you're having so much trouble w/ mckinney, i had really really bad customer service from them ...